Rocky Card Testimonials

We’ve heard great comments about the Rocky Card and would like to share them. If you’ve had a good Rocky Card experience, either as a merchant or as a Rocky Card holder, we’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email.

“We really enjoy using the Rocky Card, and often choose restaurants that participate in the Rocky Card program. We hope the number of restaurants that participate continues to grow! We especially love that the Rocky Card can be used at the same places throughout the entire year. That’s a real plus for us.” Joe H., Estes Park

“The Rocky Card gives our servers another opportunity to strike up a conversation with our customers, and they like that. The Rocky Card also often brings customers into our restaurant for the first time, which is helpful since our establishment isn’t on main street.” — Susan Johnston, Molly B Restaurant

“We wouldn’t consider not participating in this program. It’s the most bang for your advertising dollar in Estes Park. As a consume, my husband and I will choose a restaurant or store over another if they offer the Rocky Card. We have personally saved hundreds of dollars because of discounts offered by the Rocky Card.” — Helen Hahn, Alpenglow Images & Accents

“Because of our Rocky Card discount, we have had customers make HUGE purchases — even with the discount they were large enough to make our day. Thanks, Rocky Card!” — Karen, Serendipity Trading Company

“I love the Rocky Card!  I have actually switched wine shops to get the Rocky Card discount.  What a great value.” Helen, Estes Park resident

“I’m glad that the Mountain Shop’s participation in the Rocky Card is helping to support charities in Estes Park. The Rocky Card Gives is a great idea.” — Rob Mardock, Estes Park Mountain Shop

“We will probably not use [the card] at all of the merchants, but being able to reuse it at the ones we do frequent makes it quite the deal.” — Judy, via email

“The Rocky Card pays for itself after just a few uses. What a way to save!” — Sandi Gleich, Photos by Sandi

“It’s a great way to be able to offer a fair and reasonable discount to my customers.  I’ve always thought a ‘local discount’ is a bit unfair and the Rocky Card addresses this.  It’s a clear and easy decision for locals, and tourists have the option to purchase into the program, too.” — Tracy Goodemote, Western One-Hour Photo

“I was pleased with the number of times people linked to my website through the Rocky Card!  People are really taking a look!” — Deanna Szuter, ZootScoot

“I was in Estes Park snowshoeing for a long weekend.  I bought a Rocky Card at Dolcetto’s Gelato and saved money on my dessert right off the bat!  In the next 2 days, I saved much more than the price of the card at shops and restaurants all over Estes Park.  What a great idea, thank you!” — Teresa D., Parker, CO

“We’ve had a great response to the Rocky Card!” — Chris Cozad, Village Pizza

“The Rocky Card has helped to bring more folks into The Wapiti Pub and is a good value for people that are in the Estes area.” — Tory Nelson, The Wapiti Restaurant & Pub